Chinese Dance

Over 55 minority groups and 1 major group exist within the boundaries of China. Chinese Classical Dance has been influenced by Ballet and Modern dance, but its distinctiveness stems from its roots in Chinese Opera, Kung-Fu, and regional folk dances. Props, such as long silk sleeves, fans, handkerchiefs, hats, etc..., are sometimes used to add drama and intrigue. Its story lines come from Chinese Operas, History, Legends and Mythologies.

chinese danceOne of Shin Dance Academy's mission is to serve as a bridge to anyone who wishes to understand and appreciate the beauty of Chinese culture. The costumes, the movements and simply the grace of dance within the Chinese culture is simply a treasure to humanity. As all dances around the world Shin Dance is simply proud and honored to share, teach and train students to bring out the best in themselves through Chinese dance.



2022 Chinese Dance Program


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